Question: Do you own Rokuwtv?
Answer: No we do not. We simply sell the service.

Question: I forgot my Rokuwtv username/password, how can I get that reset?
Answer: Not a problem we can help you reset the password or retreive your username, simply contact us.

Quesion: Can I use one subscription on multiple Roku Players?
Answer: At the moment each subscription is only good for one Roku player, multiple Roku players require multiple subscriptions.

Question: My subscription is almost done how do I renew it?
Answer: Simply re-buy the package you’d like and add your current username to the notes when sending the payment so that we credit your account accordingly.

Question: What is a Roku Player and where can I get one?
Answer: Roku is a streaming player like AppleTV, and Google Chromecast. There are different models for sale such as the Roku 1, Roku 2, and Roku 3. If you are looking to buy one click below.


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