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Would you like to have access to over 500+ IPTV Channels for only $25 per month?


No contracts

There are no contracts you can simply pay $25 for one month of service and if you don’t like it (you will sure love it!) you don’t have to pay again! 500+ RokuwowTv channels streaming to your Roku. Visit our Rokuw  Tv Subscriptions page for pricing options.

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If you have any questions or issues we have our Contact Us page with dedicated moderators to assist.




Easy to Setup

Installing the RokKUWoW channel on your Roku is very easy process, virtually anyone can do it. If you have previously installed other channels on your Roku then you already know how easy it is. Click here, Install Rokuw Tv on Roku, for detail instructions.

What is Rokuwowtv ?

Rokuwowtv is IPTV that is streamed “LIVE” over your existing internet connection through a media streaming box called Roku. Rokuwowtv  is a new private Roku channel offering over 200+ channels that can be easily installed on any Roku 1, 2, or 3 box. The channels provided by Rokuwowtv  are the same channels you would find with a typical Cable TV or Satellite subscription at a low monthly cost of just $25. View some of the channels provided by going to Rokuwowtv Channels.

Can I Watch Live Sports on Roku?

With a Rokuwowtv subscription from Rokuwtvchannel.com you will be able to watch as many live sports broadcast as you like that is available on Rokuwowtv. Rokuwowtv carries a majority of the major sports networks from the USA, and other countries.

The Roku Channels have many options for Sports, but on a subscription basis. Such Channels as MLB.TV, WatchESPN, or NBA Game Time. But with the Rokuwowtv Roku subscription, you will be able to view other major sports networks for a monthly subscription of $25.

Streaming video has been booming since the 1990’s, and has been a major boom for the sport fan. As technolgy improved with the advancement in IPTV, you are able to watch distance sports games, or Championship Boxing live through a subscription with Rokuwtvchannel.com. The Sports channels for Roku are not free, but is less expensive than a cable or satellite subscription.

How Can I Find Out if Rokuwowtv Works in my Area?

This is a question that many who own a Roku Streaming Media Player will ask. Well, the simple answer to this question is Rokuwowtv  will work anywhere you have an Internet Connection. This service is world wide, and is only limited by your Internet Connection speed. It is recommended to have at least 5Mbps Internet Connection.

To give you a better idea of how good Rokuwowtv  is just try it for yourself for a small price of$25.  Not only will you have access to Live TV, but a library of over 500+ On-Demand movies. You just have to subscribe to unlock the power of the Rokuwowtv  Private Channel on your Roku device.

So if you reside in the state of Jamaica, California, Cayman, Canada, Guadalupe, Mexico, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Netherlands Antilles; it doesn’t matter. Rokuwowtv  will work for you!